Canadian Martyrs Catholic School Virtual Kindergarten Spring Orientation

For those who were unable to attend the Virtual Kindergarten Spring Orientation, you are invited to click here to access the Kindergarten Orientation Slideshow Presentation containing information on our Kindergarten Program. The slideshow presentation will play automatically. Please note that parents can use the grey bar at the bottom left of the screen to ‘pause’ the slideshow at any time to read information on slides that are of particular interest. Parents can also use this function to go back to previous slides or advance to forthcoming slides.

We thank you for your interest in Canadian Martyrs Catholic School and look forward to working and growing with you and your children as followers of Christ!

Kindergarten Virtual Open House Information

Did you miss our open house January 27? Check out our information video here and call the office for more information about our Kindergarten program.
Do you have questions about Kindergarten at Niagara Catholic? Click here for FAQs.

As Catholic educators, we want to create a respectful and challenging environment, which not only nurtures virtues and develops the whole person within the Catholic Christian philosophy but also promotes academic excellence.

Canadian Martyrs Catholic School opened in 1954 as one of the five schools affiliated with St. Alfred Church. Since then the five additions have attested to the growth of the population in what used to be known as Grantham Ward. After a five-year pursuit by principal Anthony Giblin and the school community, the final addition was built. It was officially opened and blessed by Bishop T.J. Fulton on January 9, 1989.

Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School is a part of the Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School Family of Schools.