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Faith is the strength by which we all grow, learn and succeed
School Mission Statement

“Success is within everyone’s reach”
School Motto

Since 1999, Loretto  Catholic Elementary School rooted in rich Catholic Education has nurtured and supported students to grow spiritually and academically. Loretto  Catholic Elementary School, was named in honour of the Loretto Sisters, in recognition of their commitment and inspirational service to Catholic Education. As a community of dedicated, educated and religious women, the Loretto Sisters continually discerned the needs of the community in order to better serve the people. They maintained an exemplary reputation for quality education through teaching. “To educate is to lead others in truth, to draw forth, to provide opportunity and to promote human dignity.”

Today, with more than 500 students attending this unique educational facility, our words and deeds, continue to emulate the teaching philosophy of the Loretto Sisters. Student experiences are enriched by a variety of clubs, teams, extra-curricular activities and meaningful community connections. With support from St. Thomas More Parish, students’ faith journey and sacramental preparation is evident in all that we do.

Loretto Catholic Elementary School is a part of the Saint Michael Catholic High School Family of Schools.

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