We create a Christ-centered environment within which children will grow and learning flourish.
School Mission Statement

In the pursuit of excellence, there is no finish line!
School Motto

In September of 1952, Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School opened its doors to answer the need for a Catholic school in the Stamford area of Niagara Falls. It consisted of only two classrooms; Grades 1 to 3 taught by Mother Mary Judith Deek, and Grades 4 to 7 taught by Sister Viola Ireland. Sr. Viola was also the founding principal.

Two more rooms were added in 1953 and another two in 1954. A third expansion took place in 1967, with the addition of five more classrooms, a library and a gymnasium. Additions and renovations have taken place since then to meet the needs of students and staff.

Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School is a part of the Saint Paul Catholic High School Family of Schools.