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We the teachers and Catholic School Council of St. John Bosco Catholic School support and affirm each other in our mission to work in partnership with the church, the home and the community to provide quality education for the students in our care. As care givers, sensitive to the needs of children, we commit ourselves to this mission with a sense of fainess, equity, patience and humour.
School Mission Statement

The original St. John Bosco School was built in 1944 by the Humberstone Village Separate School Board. It consisted of 3 rooms, Grade 1 & 2, Grade 3, 4, 5, Grade 6, 7, and 8. Three more rooms were added in 1953 – 54.

Holy Cross School was built in 1967. A new addition consisting of five rooms, a Library, and change rooms was added to Holy Cross in 1999 to form the New St. John Bosco School on Highland Avenue. The Official Blessing was held on October 4th, 1999 to re-name the new site St. John Bosco School. The principal of the amalgamated schools was John Boyer. The Holy Cross Library was dedicated in March 2004 with a commemorative plaque.

EQAO Report

St. John Bosco Catholic Elementary School is a part of the Lakeshore Catholic High School Family of Schools.