We create a Christ-centered environment within which people will grow and learning will flourish.
School Mission Statement

Our four-room school opened on September 2, 1958 with 85 students. In 1959 a two-room addition was built. Then, in 1961 the gym was added and 4 more classrooms. In September 1991 a major renovation was completed to accommodate the student population. Land was transferred between the church and school to allow for the construction of our new church.

The community of St. Alexander Catholic school is active and committed to quality education. All our stakeholders share values that are consistent with our gospel beliefs and use our Catholic School Identity guidelines and Student Creed to reinforce our call to Catholic Education. The St. Alexander Catholic community is active, vibrant and recognizes the uniqueness of each and every learner. We are committed to the professional Catholic learning community and its invitational learning environment.

St. Alexander Catholic Elementary School is a part of the Notre Dame College School Family of Schools.