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We are a community of Catholic learners who follow the teachings of Christ everyday in our work and play, each of us discovering our unique gifts from God.
School Mission Statement

“A Place for Everyone…”-
School Motto

St. Alfred Catholic School, established in 1957, is located in north St. Catharines, nestled behind St. Alfred Church. The present building evolved from serving Grade 9 students graduating from local Catholic Elementary Schools, to a Junior High School prior to the opening of Denis Morris High School, to its current status of a ELKP to Grade 8 Elementary School. Three additions have been added since 1957, which have extended the school to 20 classrooms, 3 seminar rooms, a library and a gymnasium.

St. Alfred Catholic Elementary School is a part of the Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School Family of Schools.

Meet the Faces of Jesus at St. Alfred Catholic Elementary School.

In case you missed it, or wanted to relive the magic, watch the St. Alfred Christmas Concert here.

Our students answer the question How Can We Serve Him?