To foster the excellence of each student through spiritual, academic and social pursuits within a Christ-centered community.
School Mission Statement

“A great place for everyone”
School Motto

Decorative photo of school front

St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School, located in the heart of Grimsby, first opened its doors to 196 students in September 1954. Students enjoyed the benefits of being adjacent to the church until its move to the new location on Livingston Ave. in 1995.

The special relationship that has developed with our parish continues to flourish. Students are provided with spiritual guidance, and opportunities to contribute in meaningful celebrations, both at church and at school. At St. Joseph, we strive to ensure the children have the opportunity to meet Christ every day through the curriculum, prayer, liturgies, celebrations, and a faith community of students, staff, clergy and parents.

Early literacy and numeracy programs are a special focus at St. Joseph Catholic School. An excellent library supports our reading programs; technology and numerous other resources assist students in their learning. Special needs students, supported by an Education Resource Teacher, are integrated into all activities, and after school remedial programs funded by the Ministry of Education provide support to students requiring additional support and/or assistance.

St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School enjoys a strong partnership with our Catholic School Council and our parent community. Vital program information contained in monthly school newsletters and calendars, school council minutes and agendas are also posted on the school’s web page. Based on parental input, council members provide advice in the development of Board policies and the School Improvement Plan, and make recommendations to the principal on numerous other issues. Parents serve on committees, and are frequent volunteers in our classrooms and on school excursions.

Students and staff at St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School celebrated a new beginning in September 2010, when a new and expanded school opened on the first day of school.

St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School is a part of the Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School Family of Schools.